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Residential trash can cleaning, as a business, began in the United States roughly 10 years ago. Sparkling Bins was one of the first companies to bring the concept of cleaning trash cans and dumpsters to the USA and the need for this service took off at an unprecedented pace. Since the time Sparkling Bins began helping entrepreneurs start their own small businesses, we’ve put over 240 companies in the garbage and dumpster bin cleaning business, throughout the country.

The waste bin cleaning business continues to evolve and change and just 18 short months ago. To meet the evolving needs within the industry, Sparkling Bins came up with our first prototype for a truck mounted dumpster cleaning system. We unveiled our first model at the Waste Expo in Las Vegas in 2018. In less than 12 months, Sparkling Bins proceeded to manufacture and sell 23 dumpster cleaning trucks to help small business owners seize the growing opportunity to provide this service in the market.

Commercial Dumpster Bin Cleaning Offers Several Revenue Streams for Small Business Owners

In the trash bin cleaning industry, the opportunities to meet the needs of customers are great:

1) Our dumpster cleaning trucks brings a much-needed service to restaurants, food chains and supermarkets who continuously battle waste challenges. Consistent, scheduled dumpster cleaning helps to combat and maintain freedom from rodents, pest-odor, bacteria and the foul smell that will, without a doubt, eventually make its way inside of those establishments.

2) Our commercial dumpster cleaning trucks also have the ability to clean residential-size trash and recycling carts. This expands the opportunities available to your bin cleaning business. It allows you to offer service to residential clients by cleaning their garbage cans in conjunction with targeting commercial dumpster accounts – all using the same truck and equipment.

3) This dumpster cleaning truck offers an intriguing business opportunity to partner with waste-haulers. One of the biggest problems that the top waste haulers are challenged with is the maintenance of their existing customers’ commercial dumpsters. As a part of their contracts refurbishing program, waste haulers are required to swap-out existing dumpsters up to four times a year. This is an extremely costly enterprise for the waste-haulers as they are required to bring a clean dumpster to existing customer’s location, exchange it for a filthy dumpster and bring the dirty one back to their dumpster yard to have it cleaned. This forces waste haulers to bear the cost of a full-time cleaning crew or to hire temporary labor to clean all the refurbished dumpsters. The average cost to the waste hauler for this process is roughly $275 per dumpster.

The concept of partnering with a commercial dumpster cleaning company has top waste haulers very excited. As sanitizing dumpsters is not their core business, they are intrigued and excited to have bin and dumpster cleaning business owners do this for them. Instead of hauling the dumpsters back to their yard, dumpster cleaning companies send their dumpster cleaning trucks to follow the waste trucks on their routes to clean and disinfect their client’s dumpsters right at their customer’s sites. This saves the waste haulers thousands of dollars a day while still fulfilling their contractual obligations to their clients.

4) As a part of the cycle of business, companies like Waste Management, Republic Services, and Waste Pro, etc. will all lose contracts with residential customers, cities, municipalities and HOA’s. When this happens, they are required to pick up thousands of trash and recycle bins and then bring them back to their facility to clean them and prepare to use them again as they gain new contracts. Once again, the need for haulers to manage the cleaning process with costly crews attempting to power-wash the bins causes great pain to these companies. Again, because it is not their core business, it can take them months to get through the process of cleaning these filthy trash bins. They are thrilled to be relieved of the exceptional cost and responsibility of accomplishing this monumental effort. They embrace the idea of outsourcing the cleaning to the entrepreneurs who have made the smart business decision to purchase a Sparkling Bins dumpster cleaning truck. The companies will allow you, the new business owner, to bring the truck on their site to help expedite the cleaning of trash bins in an automated way. This service alone is saving the waste hauling industry millions of dollars each year while putting serious money in the pocket of the entrepreneurs who have made the smart investment to start a commercial dumpster cleaning business.

5) Sparkling Bins dumpster cleaning truck also affords small business owners the opportunity to obtain lucrative contracts with property management companies. The property managers see the value of being able to bring this much-needed service to the shopping malls, apartment complexes and condos that they manage. These contracts are lucrative for our dumpster cleaning truck owners as each shopping mall, apartment or condo complex typically has multiple dumpsters that need to be maintained on a regular basis.

6) Our dumpster cleaning trucks also have the ability to power wash. As our business owners gain contracts to clean dumpsters, opportunities begin to emerge for ancillary services, such as the need to power wash the dumpster pad. This add-on service allows the business owners who have bought a Sparkling Bins dumpster cleaning truck to bring in additional revenue with existing contracts.

As smart-minded entrepreneurs can see, our revolutionary dumpster and trash bin washing truck has become a game changer in the waste bin and dumpster cleaning industry. More and more opportunities will continue to emerge as the growth in this new emerging business continues to explode.

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