Dumpster & Trash Bin Cleaning Truck (SB5)

12 Aug, 2019

Dumpster & Trash Bin Cleaning Truck (SB5)

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Sparkling Bins continues to be the trendsetters in providing cleaning solutions for the Solid Waste, Recycling and Compost industry. Our 2-1 Dumpster & Residential cleaning system is the most advanced machinery in the industry.  The truck can clean up to 30 dumpsters or 200 residential trash cans on one clean water tank.  We carry 525 gallons of fresh water. The hydraulic lifter is PTO powered and we mount our equipment on a class 5 diesel chassis, 19,500 GVWR.  We only use aluminum beds and side panels.  Our dumpster cleaning system has 3 cleaning heads that run simultaneously providing 24 GPM and our temperature can go as high as 250°.  Our dumpster cleaning heads are adjustable via electric cylinders to accommodate the different size dumpster.  Our dumpster cleaning trucks can clean dumpsters ranging from 2 – 10 cubic yards. And can clean ANSI Type B,C, D and G carts.  For more information on this great emerging business, please visit our website, FB and Youtube channel:






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