Trash Can Cleaning Business: Fast Growth in the Bin-Cleaning Industry 

In this episode of "Trash Chatter," Victoria Conway interviews Richard and Chasstidy Shubin, the owners of Blazing Bins, a trash can cleaning business based in Spring, Texas. The Shubins share their experiences and insights into running a successful trash can cleaning business over the past five years.

The Shubins initially got into the trash can cleaning business in 2018 after Chasstidy's brother-in-law purchased a trailer from Sparkling Bins and recommended the opportunity to them. They saw a gap in their local area, as no one was offering this service, and decided to jump in and start their own business.

Richard, a military veteran with 16 years of service, and Chasstidy, who had worked in contract security, decided to pursue the American dream of becoming business owners. They saw the potential in providing a much-needed service in their community.

Blazing Bins primarily serves Harris County, which has a large population with various communities and zip codes. This has allowed them to expand their services and serve different areas effectively.

The COVID-19 pandemic had both positive and negative impacts on their business. Initially, they saw a decrease in one-time clean requests as people were uncertain and fearful. However, subscriptions increased over time as more people became concerned about cleanliness and hygiene. They adapted to the changing circumstances and continued to grow.

Marketing has played a crucial role in their success. They have been active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, engaging with their customers, and receiving positive reviews. They also utilize other marketing channels, such as local newsletters and banners in their town. Giving back to the community by supporting schools and participating in events has been another effective way of marketing their business.

Positive customer reviews are essential to their business. They appreciate the support and excitement of their customers when posting about their service. They also use flyers to encourage customers to spread the word. Additionally, they recently started using NiceJob, a review management platform, which significantly increased their positive reviews and helped with online reputation management.

As a couple running a business together, they have found a balance in their roles. They recognize each other's strengths and weaknesses and try to stay in their respective lanes. They acknowledge that working together can be challenging at times, but they maintain a positive and flexible approach to keep the business running smoothly.

In terms of advice for newcomers in the industry, they emphasize the importance of flexibility, integrity, and rising above challenges. They switched from same-day service to next-day service during the pandemic, which initially caused them to lose some customers. However, this decision ultimately improved their work-life balance and allowed them to serve their customers better.

Richard advises newcomers to consider next-day service if it aligns with their area's trash pickup schedules. Setting the right precedent early on can make a significant difference in managing customer expectations.

Overall, Blazing Bins' journey in the trash can cleaning business has been filled with challenges and successes. They've learned to adapt, prioritize customer satisfaction, and maintain a strong presence in their community, which has contributed to their growth and success in the industry.