Bin Cleaning Systems: The Evolution from Humble Beginnings to High Efficiency Machines

In this podcast episode, John Conway discusses the history and evolution of bin cleaning systems and his company's journey in the industry.

John started Sparkling Bins in 2009 and initially used a simple system involving hydraulic cylinders and bungee cords to lift trash bins at a 45-degree angle for cleaning. He began with pickup trucks and gradually transitioned to flatbed trucks as the business grew. However, these early systems didn't include hot water, making cleaning less efficient.

In 2010, John realized the need for hot water systems and more effective cleaning mechanisms. He also discovered the importance of offering different solutions for bins with and without bars at the bottom. After extensive research and collaboration with manufacturers, he developed a universal lifter that could handle various types of bins, leading to more efficient operations.

John emphasized the significance of hot water in bin cleaning, as cold water was less effective and required the use of disinfectants. He also mentioned their transition from using spray bars to specialized spinning heads for quicker and more efficient cleaning.

The conversation then shifts to the development of their PTO (Power Take-Off) systems, which eliminated the need for multiple gasoline engines in the trucks. The PTO systems allowed for consistent high-pressure hot water cleaning and significantly reduced maintenance requirements. John explained that the decision to invest in PTO systems was driven by the need for efficiency and cost savings.

The interview touches on various truck models, including the SB4 PTO, which became a best-seller due to its efficiency and reduced maintenance. The discussion also highlights the importance of water volume over pressure for effective cleaning, explaining how their PTO systems improved the cleaning process.

John introduced the SP5 lifter, which was developed to handle different types of dumpsters with varying pocket placements. The newer SP5 lifter offered improved flexibility and safety features compared to its predecessor.

The podcast ends with a teaser about Sparkling Bins' latest innovation: a side loader that uses hot water and can clean both the inside and outside of bins simultaneously. Frank Gutierrez, one of their clients, initiated the development of this unique side loader, which is expected to be unveiled soon.