Starting A Bin Cleaning Business: From Corporate America to Entrepreneurship

In this episode of Trash Chatter, the Victoria Conway welcomes Alan Crosby and Steve Willis, the founders of American Bin Washers, a trash bin cleaning company based in California. The hosts start by asking Alan and Steve about their background and how they ventured into the trash bin cleaning business.

Alan and Steve explain that they both come from corporate backgrounds, with Alan previously working in telecommunications and Steve in IT. They decided to start their own business after experiencing layoffs and the challenges of corporate America. Alan mentions discovering the concept of trash bin cleaning services on TikTok, which they found intriguing and decided to explore further.

Alan and Steve admit that it was a significant transition, leaving behind the stability of regular paychecks and benefits. However, they express their satisfaction in pursuing their dream of becoming their own bosses.

When asked about pivotal moments in their business journey, Alan and Steve share a couple of experiences. They mention that before officially launching their business, they received a positive response from potential customers through marketing efforts. Additionally, they hit their first milestone of a hundred recurring customers within just a few months of starting their business.

Regarding their business model, Alan and Steve primarily focus on residential trash bin cleaning using a dual bin trailer. They explain that they plan to expand into the commercial sector once they have a second truck to manage the increased demands of commercial accounts. They emphasize the importance of not spreading themselves too thin and maintaining a steady growth trajectory.

The hosts discuss the competition in the trash bin cleaning industry, especially in densely populated areas like Southern California. Alan and Steve express that they welcome competition as it helps raise awareness about the industry and reduces advertising costs. They highlight that despite the presence of competitors, many people are still unaware of trash bin cleaning services.

In terms of marketing, Alan and Steve mention the effectiveness of social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, in reaching potential customers. They also emphasize the importance of customer reviews and search engine optimization (SEO) for their website. Additionally, they've started using sticky flyers on residential bins as a cost-effective advertising method.

As they approach their two-year anniversary, Alan and Steve discuss their short-term and long-term goals for American Bin Washers. They aim to maximize their current equipment's potential and reach a point where they can expand into more cities and secure more commercial accounts. They also plan to hire additional team members to help with the workload.

In conclusion, Alan and Steve offer valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the trash bin cleaning industry. They stress the importance of thorough research, understanding the financial commitment, and being prepared for the time and effort required to build a successful business. They also encourage newcomers to participate in industry forums and seek advice from experienced business owners.