Residential Trash Can Cleaning Equipment

Trash cans are often dirty, contaminated, and emit undesirable smells that many homeowners detest. They are kept at the edge of your property and over time, become extremely unappealing. For many homeowners, this is a problem worth solving as clean bins can help to stave off insects, bacteria, and even small creatures looking for a filthy home. If you're seeking a new business opportunity and want to make a difference in your own community, starting a residential trash can cleaning business can provide you with the means to help homeowners and homeowner associations (HOAs) resolve this concern once and for all.

Automatic Bin Cleaning Machine

Sparkling Bins Business offers Residential Trash Can Cleaning Equipment that can enable you to develop a purpose-driven business.

SB1 Single Bin Trailer

Our most cost-effective system, the SB1 can clean 100 maintenance bins on a single tank of water and is pressure washer ready.

SB2 Dual Bin Trailer

Get twice as much done by lifting two at a time. Our SB2 trailer cleans 200 maintenance bins with dual arms.

SB3 Single Bin Pick Up

Our pickup model is an all-in-one solution with the capacity to clean 100 maintenance bins on one tank.

SB4 Dual Bin Flatbed

Our dual bin system can clean 200 maintenance bins on one tank of water. Or, go for the optional wastewater system.

SB4-PTO Dual Bin Flatbed

Our best-selling dual bin system is able to clean 300 maintenance bins on one clean water tank, the SB4-PTO can utilize an optional wastewater system and boasts high-speed hydraulic arms.

SB4-PTO Deluxe

Our dual bin system is the largest Bin Wash system in the industry. This comes with 950 gallons of fresh water and is able to clean 450 maintenance bins on one clean water tank without the use of a power wash engine. Sparkling Bins has two patents on this system.

What Sets Our Equipment Apart?

Sparkling Bins Business is the world's largest manufacturer of residential trash can cleaning equipment and the only manufacturer that is AISC certified. Each automatic bin cleaning machine is competitively priced and built to deal with solid waste, recycling, and compost containers to ensure clean, bacteria-free bins for homeowners and HOAs. If you're looking for a turnkey supplier to help you get started, Sparkling Bins Business will provide the best and help you start up your business with a branded website and detailed training. We’re currently the only manufacturer that also has over 10 years of experience in the bin cleaning industry. This allows us to provide valuable insight into what has worked for us and tactics you can make within your own business. Complete the form below to start your bin-cleaning business today or to learn more about our residential trash can cleaning equipment.