Trash Can Cleaning: Exploring the World of Small Container Cleaning

In this interview, Victoria Conway speaks with Steve Buchan, the owner of Aqua Tools, about his experience and insights into the water-driven cleaning solutions industry. Aqua Tools is known for its innovative cleaning solutions, particularly in the field of small container cleaning, including trash can cleaning, Oak Barrel sanitation, and more. Steve's journey into this industry began in 1991 when he acquired a business involved in pressure washers and cleaning products.

Initially, Steve had no intention of getting involved in the pressure washer business, but as he delved into it, Aqua Tools was born. He focused on industries he cared about, like the wine industry, which led to the development of their Oak Barrel sanitation technology. This innovation gained traction in 1997, primarily in the wine industry, where they provided a more efficient and eco-friendly solution for cleaning Oak Barrels.

The conversation then shifts to Aqua Tools' commitment to environmental sustainability. Steve emphasized the importance of using water efficiently, particularly in California, where water conservation is critical. They developed solutions that used significantly less water compared to traditional methods, benefiting both the environment and their customers' bottom lines.

The interview touches on the intricacies of Aqua Tools' technology, particularly their spinning heads, which are complex devices known for their reliability and efficiency. These spinning heads are designed for precision, ensuring that every surface of a container is properly cleaned. While they may come with a higher upfront cost, their long-term benefits and reliability make them a valuable investment.

Steve also praised Aqua Tools' partnership with Sparkling Bins and the loyalty they've built over the years. Their commitment to providing top-notch customer service and reliable equipment has created a strong bond between the companies.

Finally, Steve offered a piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: "Be prepared to grind it out." He emphasized that success in business doesn't happen overnight; it requires hard work, patience, and persistence.