Trash Bin Cleaning in Maryland: Growing with Your Community

In this episode of "Trash Chatter,” host Victoria Conway interviews Josh Levy from MD Clean, a trash bin cleaning business in Maryland. Josh shares his journey into the trash bin cleaning industry, initially sparked by his children's use of TikTok during COVID-19. This led to him exploring the business and eventually reaching out to Sparkling Bins.

Josh's experience highlights the early stages of establishing MD Clean. He notes that starting in August and operating through December provided a learning curve and an opportunity to iron out operational kinks. He stresses the importance of effective Facebook ads and social media to connect with potential clients, given the novelty of the service in his region. Josh also mentions that despite the business's recent inception, competition in Maryland has grown, but he welcomes it positively.

A significant aspect of Josh's approach involves applying skills from his corporate background in telecommunications to his new venture. He emphasizes collaboration, efficiency, and the application of smart technologies in his operations. Josh also recounts the challenges of his first year, such as logistical issues like parking the truck, water disposal, and learning to clean bins effectively.

Community engagement is central to MD Clean's philosophy. Josh shares heartwarming stories about involving children in the cleaning process and the joy it brings them. He also discusses the importance of visibility in the community, like parking the truck at local grocery stores, leading to opportunities such as partnerships with HOAs and generating interest through word-of-mouth.

For marketing, MD Clean employs diverse strategies, including social media, direct mail, and collaborating with local realtors. These efforts aim to increase the service's visibility and reach more households. Josh emphasizes the importance of creating value for customers, such as providing a service that many are reluctant to do themselves, like cleaning dirty bins.

Looking ahead, Josh envisions MD Clean growing into a household name, potentially leading to purchasing a second truck by the end of the year. He aspires to create a sustainable, profitable business that could be a legacy for his children, emphasizing the significance of excellent customer service as a core principle.

Finally, Josh offers advice to those considering entering the industry: patience, financial preparation, and understanding the community and market demographics. He also acknowledges the support he's received from the trash bin cleaning community, his family, and his business partner, Alex. Josh's story is a testament to the blend of entrepreneurial spirit, community engagement, and the pursuit of creating a valuable service in a niche market.