Trash Can Washing Service: Healthy Competition and Social Media

In this episode of Trash Chatter, host Victoria Conway interviews Andrew Zoba from Franklin, Tennessee, the founder of Envirobinz LLC., a trash bin cleaning company that started in 2019. Andrew shares his journey of stumbling upon the idea of trash bin cleaning while still in high school and how he convinced his family to support his entrepreneurial venture.

Andrew's initial inspiration came from hearing about kids in his neighborhood who cleaned trash bins as a summer job. He realized that there was a market for this service, and he decided to explore it further. After researching the industry and reaching out to potential partners, he launched Envirobinz LLC.

One of the key factors that sets Envirobinz LLC apart from its competitors is its commitment to excellent customer service. They follow up with customers through welcome emails, provide before-and-after photos of cleaned bins, and ensure customer satisfaction. Andrew emphasizes the importance of competition, as it helps them improve their services and build awareness in a relatively new industry.

In terms of marketing, Andrew mentions that they have found success with platforms like Facebook and Instagram, while TikTok has been useful for raising awareness about the industry as a whole. They emphasize community involvement by participating in events like parades, farmers markets, and county fairs, which not only helps promote their services but also allows them to give back to the community.

Envirobinz LLC also collaborates with waste haulers in the area, offering to clean their bins so that they can be reused instead of discarded. This eco-friendly approach includes proper disposal of dirty water at RV dump stations to protect the environment.

As the company grows, Andrew plans to expand by adding more trucks and pursuing contracts with homeowner associations (HOAs). His family plays an active role in the business, with his mom assisting with customer service and his dad providing input and support when needed.

Andrew's advice for young entrepreneurs and anyone looking to enter the industry is to do thorough research, work hard, and stay focused on your goals. He emphasizes the importance of putting in full-time effort to achieve full-time results, despite any criticism or challenges along the way.