The most cost-effective single trash can cleaning truck | capacity to clean 100 bins per full tank of water | pressure washer ready for driveways – patios – sidewalks – and storefronts.

SB 3 Single Bin Pickup


  • Single Trash Can Cleaning System – Hopper 4ft wide aluminum powder coated – 200 gallons grey water holding tank – 200 gallons clean water (Cleans approx. 75-100Maintenance Bins per fill) (Require Pick Up Truck 8ft bed 10kGVWR Truck Not Included)
  • Universal grabber style single lifter – Winterizing system included.
  • Honda GX 690 Electric Start 3500 PSI @ 8 GPM – Hot water burner.
  • 25ft Retractable – Spring loaded with a 25ft hose, Trigger gun, and spray nozzles.
  • One extreme stainless steel 360-spinning head
  • One isolated optimum deep cycle battery for the hydraulic pump, directly connected to the truck’s alternator via an isolator, wiring, circuit breakers, and kill switch.
  • High Resolution Back Up Camera 7” – Back Up Beeper – 2 Front/2 Rear Commercial Amber/White Strobe Lights
  • LINEX-UV Protective spray
  • Commercial dumpster wastewater recovery system
  • Design your brand, company logo, graphic design & full single trash can cleaning truck/trailer wrap.
  • Professional Business Website with e-commerce capabilities (Free hosting first year, $85/per month after the first year)
  • Spare parts package
  • $1000 Credit towards transportation (when using our transportation broker)


Sparkling Bins Warranty: All our Fabrication - Hopper and Side Panels is 10 years
Manufacturer Warranty: Pressure Pro system 1, 3, 5 Depending on Component (Electrical 1 year)
Manufacturer Warranty: Spinning Heads 1 Year
Manufacturer Warranty: Batteries 1 Year
Manufacturer Warranty: All other 1 Year Warranties
Manufacturer Warranty: Truck/HINO-Isuzu-Ford-Chevy-Dodge Varies
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