The Bin Cleaning Business – On the Scene and In For the Long Haul

04 Feb, 2020

The Bin Cleaning Business – On the Scene and In For the Long Haul

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Would you ever have thought in your wildest dreams that cleaning trash bins, recycling cans and compost containers would be a lucrative enterprise? While the concept of trash-bin cleaning as a business is relatively new in the US, Sparkling Bins has been at the forefront, taking this concept – and the companies we help put into business– to a whole new level!

The reality is, as society becomes more and more high-tech, as paper goes by the wayside, as technology and electronic devices rule the way we manage our communication and essentially our lives – there is one truth we cannot escape….GARBAGE!

Yes, we are human beings and we consume things. In the course of that consumption we create trash that must be dealt with and disposed of. There is no getting away from it and it will never cease. So, while the other guy is trying to figure out the next big techno-gadget that will sweep the nation, smart entrepreneurs are realizing that there is one business that will never go out of style and will never become obsolete- and that is the business of dealing with waste – and in our case – the containers that hold the waste.

No matter where you live or where you work, if you are a human, you are creating trash. The average household has two bins and as we all know, those trash bins are not filled with sunshine and roses. Nope, they are filled with disgusting, rotting food and waste which leaves behind over 40 million strands of bacteria AFTER they are emptied. The garbage may have been hauled away, but consumers are left with the wonderful gift of filth that, in addition to being harmful from a germ perspective, doesn’t exactly smell so good, either.

The upside of this down and dirty fact is that it creates a tremendous business need that savvy entrepreneurs are taking advantage of meeting. The bin and dumpster cleaning industry started overseas in Europe, and has become a fast-growing emerging industry, here, in the US over the past ten years. Competition is still somewhat minimal so now truly is the time to seize the chance to open your own bin-cleaning business AND Sparkling Bins is the company to help you get there. But first, allow me to share a little more about cleaning trash cans and recycling bins.

A natural question one might ask is, “why do people hire someone to clean their bins when they can do it themselves?” Surely you, your spouse or your business partner can head outside and clean that bin by using bleach and a water hose. First of all, to answer the question, ask yourself if you feel like going outside to dig into that task right about now. There is a reality that this business serves a purpose by taking over a truly dirty job that many consumers, restaurants, business owners or property managers are quite happy to pay for someone else to do. However, there is another aspect that is contributing to the exponential growth we are seeing in the bin cleaning industry. What most people do not realize is that allowing that bleach-filled water to enter a storm drain is, in fact, illegal! That run-off contaminates our rivers, lakes and oceans. You need only to turn on the television or surf the web for ten minutes to understand that conserving our natural resources is becoming one of the most critical missions we face as a society today, and it is only going to grow. Finally, there is a real and present danger involved in cleaning trash cans and recycling bins, and that is, if you are not properly sanitizing your hands or clothing after cleaning your own trash can, you are transferring harmful bacteria back into your home.

Sparkling Bins is the largest and most successful manufacturer of state-of-the-art cleaning systems for savvy entrepreneurs, ready to take advantage of this tremendous emerging business opportunity. It turns out that trash is cash! Let’s face it…the business of cleaning bins may not always smell so sweet, but the money sure as heck is!

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