Sparkling Bins – Guiding our Entrepreneurs to Success

04 Jan, 2020

Sparkling Bins – Guiding our Entrepreneurs to Success

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Launching and scaling a trash bin and dumpster cleaning business brings a unique list of challenges for entrepreneurs in this young but booming market. At Sparkling Bins, we acknowledge the fact that you are your own boss and not a franchise. We do not require that you operate your business according to a defined set of parameters. However, most of our clients have a great appreciation for our years of expertise and success in the trash and dumpster cleaning business and are looking for our insight into the best tools to run and grow their business – and we do not disappoint!

Unlike the majority of other home service businesses that have a handful of customers to service each day, the trash and recycle bin cleaning industry is a volume game, with several dozen daily stops that may soon become hundreds per day. This negates the option to use calendars, Excel documents or any other non-automated tool to manage the daily flow of your business operations. The challenges that come with having so many stops per day in this industry can be daunting because there are so many factors in play:

• What day is trash/recycle collected and at what time?
• How many trash or recycle bins are there per stop or per route?
• What is the service frequency?
• What is the fresh/gray water capacity per route?
• What impact will traffic have throughout the day?
• How do we manage enrollment, billing and collections, or expiring credit cards?
• How do we manage client notifications of service schedule?
• How can we track and manage preventative maintenance of trucks and equipment?
• How do I communicate with and track my drivers?

As any owner of a bin cleaning business can tell you, this list goes on and on. Because the trash can and dumpster cleaning industry is so new, additional challenges that are unique to this industry come up almost daily! In order to keep up with business management and routing needs, owners in the bin and dumpster cleaning industry have been “making due” with off-the-shelf software systems that have been designed for the more typical and lower volume home service industries, such as lawn mowing, plumbing, etc. However, the reality is that none of those systems are capable of sufficiently supporting the unique nuances of the bin and dumpster cleaning industry. But clients of Sparkling Bins do not have to fear! One of the many services we provide clients who purchase their equipment from us is that turnkey package. This means that we not only provide you with your equipment, we help you start your business AND we help guide you toward the best decisions you can make to successfully operate it in the future.

One of those decisions will be to recommend the software you can use to manage your business and your bin cleaning routes. In early 2020, we will see the launch of a software called One of the reasons the experts at Sparkling Bins recommend this to our clients is that this business management and routing software was designed with functionality that is specifically customized to the Bin and Dumpster Cleaning Industry. The system is currently being tested after more than 18 months of design and development and we are very impressed!

Let’s give you a few of the highlights that this unique software has to offer. Beginning with Customer Enrollment, (MRP) can be linked to your company website to automatically import new client online enrollment into the system. This means that your days of manually entering new clients with the risk of data entry errors will soon be over! Utilizing the data entered by new clients during their enrollment, MyRoutePro analyzes these details and automatically assigns the client to their most logical route with accurate service and billing frequency.

Once the ideal route has been identified, the clients are “route optimized” based on critical information such as starting point, current truck location, neighborhood/zone name, trash/recycle collection times, and even real time client communication that their bins have been emptied!

Do you wish to provide a menu of service frequency options for your customers? MyRoutePro allows you to provide any custom frequency and will schedule accordingly while still ensuring route optimization even though each route can have a combination of clients with varying service frequency.

Our Sparkling Bins entrepreneurs have also shared that they want to provide customers with appropriate, up-to-the-minute communication, and we agree that this is an important component of running a successful trash can cleaning business. Rest assured, regardless of service frequency, this system contains the functionality to automatically alert clients by text message and email of their upcoming and completed service. In instances where you might need to custom communicate directly with clients, MyRoutePro has the functionality for individual or group messaging through sms text and email blasts. MRP can even provide automatic notifications to your clients about payments and expiring credit cards.

What we really like about this tool is that the company designed it based on the input of actual business owners in the bin and dumpster cleaning industry. Much like we factor in the valuable input of our clients in the manufacturing of our Sparkling Bins equipment, has listened to the complaints regarding the shortcomings of other systems as well as the need for things like security and flexibility – and built their design around that feedback. We believe that MyRoutePro will quickly become the industry-leading business management and routing software and app in 2020.

Sparkling Bins will continue to be the manufacturer of choice, in no short part, due to our ability to stay ahead of trend and guide our entrepreneurs to the industry-leading choices to support the ongoing success of their bin and dumpster cleaning businesses. Whether it is the business management software like MyRoutePro, or new and improved strategies and techniques for winning new clients, Sparkling Bins clients can count on us to be there for them to help ensure they have access to the most current resources for success!

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