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As you begin your search for the right partner to help you start your trash and dumpster cleaning business, you will find that there are many different things for you to consider. One of the first things you will uncover is that there are only a handful of companies that manufacture trash and dumpster cleaning equipment in the United States. As you examine these companies, there are a few key questions you should be asking yourself.

First, find out if the manufacturer is also in the trash and dumpster cleaning business for themselves. If so, ask them if the manufacturing component is a large or small part of their business. How long has the manufacturer been in business? How many companies has the manufacturer helped start? Do they have the ability to provide a turnkey solution for new business owners? What percentage of the companies, that have bought trash or recycling equipment from them, are still in business today? Asking these business-critical questions will give you real insight into the viability of the company and the manufacturer’s ability to help you create a business that will succeed.

Sparkling Bins has been in the trash can cleaning business for approximately ten years. Considering the fact that this industry only started in the USA just about that long ago, we are uniquely positioned to help you be successful. We are the ONLY manufacturer that also owns a trash bin and dumpster cleaning business and it’s the largest one in the USA! And, the only bin washing manufacturer that is AISC certified!

There are other things about Sparkling Bins that sets us apart from the competition. When you make the choice to choose Sparkling Bins, you will find that we are truly a one-stop-shop. Nothing we do is outsourced. We can maximize your investment in all aspects of the equipment manufacturing and all components of business start-up because we do not have to pay someone else to complete any of these things for us. We have a team of internal, dedicated and talented employees consisting of an engineer, welders, electrical and engine mechanics, and a foreman whose role it is to oversee each and every single product we manufacture. This ensures that one dedicated team, committed to excellence, is producing your machinery to our high-quality standards and to the exact specifications you are looking for. Each unit, that we customize for you, goes through four different phases of quality assurance before leaving our facility. You will not find a more efficient trash and dumpster cleaning system anywhere else in the industry!

At Sparkling Bins, we’ve stayed true to our core business and have focused 100% of our manufacturing on trash and dumpster cleaning systems. As a result of this intense commitment to quality and service, we have created seven different trash and dumpster cleaning systems for our clients to choose from, offering the versatility needed to align your business goals to the right type of equipment. Other manufacturers limit you to offering either truck mounted systems or trailers. At Sparling Bins, you have the full array of equipment offerings based on our history of listening to our clients’ needs and modifying our offerings and systems based on our clients’ feedback. We take client feedback so seriously that we are the only manufacturer which includes a team of existing clients involved in research and development.

Our clients receive access to a private Sparkling Bins Facebook forum consisting of over 200 active members. Throughout the country, our clients share a wealth of knowledge. Imagine being able to ask a question on the Facebook page and receiving feedback and suggestions from over 50 clients at any given time.

When you choose to open a dumpster or trash bin cleaning business with the help of Sparkling Bins, you will be making the choice to open the best turnkey business in the industry including:

• Complete marketing package and consultation – teaching you how to scale your business
• Customized websites which are e-commerce ready
• Routing software which is specific to the industry
• Hosting fees for your website and routing software paid for by Sparkling Bins for the first 12 months
• Customized logo and graphic design
• A full advertising wrap of your truck or trailer
• Training on your equipment on one of our live routes (*We are the only manufacturer that can offer training on live routes)
• Service and support seven days a week
• The best quality control in the industry; nothing is outsourced
• A credit towards the delivery transport of your trash bin cleaning system
• Rigorous testing on new and existing equipment to ensure everything meets quality standards

Remember, as a new entrepreneur, it’s critical to make the right choice in a manufacturing partner from the start. Sparkling bins has helped start over 75% of the existing garbage and dumpster cleaning businesses, representing 225 businesses in 47 different states to date. When looking to start your own business, be sure to ask for references and talk to companies that have bought from the various manufacturers in the USA. In doing so, you will find that there is a reason why 8 out of 10 new business owners choose to purchase their trash and dumpster cleaning equipment from Sparkling Bins. Earning your business and ensuring your satisfaction is what we strive for every day! Call us today to learn more!

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