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Sparkling Bins is proud to be the largest residential and commercial trash bin cleaning business in the USA for 10 years. We are also the leading manufacturer of bin and dumpster cleaning equipment and have put hundreds of entrepreneurs in their own bin cleaning businesses throughout the country. Our organization has set the trend in the industry and we take pride in rolling out radical innovations in technology and equipment that enable us to provide the best bin, recycling and dumpster washing systems to our clients.

We achieve those results by employing experts in research and development who focus on not only designing, but also obtaining best-in-class equipment to meet our clients’ varying business needs. We then apply a rigorous approach to testing all of the equipment built into our systems to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency in all Sparkling Bins products. We want you, our Sparkling Bins entrepreneurs, to be able to focus on growing your business and servicing your client-base; not worrying about what equipment you should or should not have to get the job done. To help our partners meet those goals, we spare no effort to ensure that each component that we build will allow our business owners get the job done right, every time. We want each and every client of ours to have peace of mind, knowing that when you head into a job, you are using best-in-class equipment that will produce the maximum results achievable.

One of the most critical design elements in bin cleaning equipment are the cleaning heads. So, naturally, we make sure that Sparkling Bins equipment is designed with this in mind. Most bin cleaning business owners would agree on the use of the 2 or 4 Nozzle types of Bolondi heads to be the best choice. At Sparkling Bins, we agree that Bolondi manufactures the best trash can cleaning heads in the world. However, they offer various different styles, some that are more economical than others and serve different purposes. At Sparkling Bins, we offer the two 2 types of Bolondi heads – the SW049 and the XC031 – which we believe are the best for bin cleaning, and Sparkling Bins has exclusive rights to them in North America.

The SW049 model is designed with a brass head instead of an aluminum head and we see distinct advantages in brass. For one, brass holds up much better against water usage and corrosion than aluminum. Our experience has shown that aluminum heads will eventually start to crack and will need to be replaced every 2-3 years. Brass heads also have a much longer life-span. Because of this finding, Sparkling Bins trash and dumpster bin-cleaning trucks are built using brass heads. Our time-tested experience in this business proves the longevity and durability of these heads, given that some of our trash bin cleaners have been in service for over 9 years with absolutely no corrosion to the brass heads, at all! While we offer both, we typically recommend the 2-nozzle versus 4-nozzle model, due to the fact that the 2 spray nozzles successfully cover a greater area when cleaning trash bins or dumpsters. We have tested both models on over 1,000 trash bins and the 2 nozzle model cleans 25% more efficiently.

Bolondi Brass Head 256x300

We are also proud to announce our latest Bolondi steam-cleaning head – XC031- which we, at Sparkling Bins, also have exclusivity for, in North America. This cleaning head has become a total game changer for our industry. Yes, this cleaning head can actually handle steam! The other Bolondi heads that you may find being used by other manufacturers are recommended for use with temperatures not to exceed 190°. Sparkling Bins is THE manufacturer that can allow you to service clients with the new steam heads reaching temperatures of 230°! That’s 40° hotter than any other trash bin cleaning head used in the industry!

Bolondi Steam Heads 238x300

We have proudly tested these two new types of heads on one of our trash and dumpster cleaning trucks for the last 5 months. We see it as our role, as the leading bin-cleaning manufacturer in North America, to ensure these new cleaning heads meet the highly-quality standards that Sparkling Bins is known for. The results we’ve seen on our own client’s routes are phenomenal. We are experiencing total sanitation at a fascinating speed – an average of 25 seconds to clean a filthy trash bin and as little as 5-7 seconds on bins that are on a monthly schedule!

Bolondi has given exclusivity to Sparkling Bins with these two models in the US, because they wanted to entrust their latest and greatest product to a company who is known for producing quality equipment since the inception of our organization. You can only obtain these heads through Sparkling Bins and it will be just one of the many reasons that you will not regret choosing Sparkling Bins as the partner to manufacture your bin cleaning equipment and set you off on your path to business success. Reach out to us right now to learn more – full steam ahead!

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