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There are many aspects to who we are at Sparkling Bins that make us the partner of choice when you seek to become your own small business owner in the bin cleaning industry. From our expertise as a fully-functioning power washing company to our talented staff and business model, you will not find an organization that has the breadth of expertise, value and customer-service oriented approach anywhere else.

One of the biggest things that makes Sparkling Bins so unique is that in addition to being North America’s premier manufacturer of bin cleaning equipment, we also own Eco Wash Systems – the largest power washing company in Florida. Because we run a profitable power washing business ourselves, we are equally interested in ensuring that the equipment we use is of the highest grade. We live and face the same challenges that the clients who buy our equipment are faced with and we know what it takes to operate and run a profitable power-washing business day-to-day. We utilize those daily experiences to inform the decisions we make on the equipment we build and the way that we support our clients. This hands-on approach to partnering with our clients begins the moment they choose to purchase their equipment from Sparkling Bins and extends throughout the lifespan of their organization.

Additionally, we have 4 full-time certified mechanics at our facility with a combined experience of 22 years in small engine repair, installation and electrical mechanics. Their know-how ensures that when our clients need their equipment built or repaired, we are poised to respond promptly and deliver excellence in every encounter.

We have positioned our business model to ensure adequate support to over 240 clients that have purchased their turnkey businesses from Sparkling Bins. We do not simply sell you equipment; we consider you a part of the Sparkling Bins extended family and we never cease to be there to guide and support our clients for the duration of their business endeavors. We offer support 7 days a week because we know the impact on your business when your equipment fails to perform. When I first started my trash bin cleaning company over ten years ago, I faced situations where my own vehicle broke down. I know the impact of down-time on both the customers I served and the financial loss for every service appointment I could not complete. It was extremely challenging and stressful having no one to call for help and attempting to find repair technicians with the expertise to repair my unique bin washing system. I felt the pain and it was those experiences that fueled my passion to build out an organization that would not only manufacture best-in-class equipment, but also be there – every single day – to solve those emergencies and respond to each and every client that has EVER purchased equipment from Sparkling Bins. At Sparkling Bins, we understand that if your trash bin washing system is down, you’re not making money! And we are in the business of helping you achieve the financial freedom that comes with a successful enterprise.

Sparkling Bins’ support doesn’t stop there. We don’t stop at the mechanical aspect of supporting your business; we are also there to guide you through the business venture itself. We receive many calls each month from clients that purchased their equipment asking our team for guidance on how to bid contracts for municipalities, waste haulers and property management companies. While we provide extensive training up-front as a part of the turnkey solution we offer when purchasing equipment, the reality is that many more questions arise as our clients businesses grow and evolve. We will spend hours with our clients providing assistance to help them achieve their goals. We’ve taken the opportunity to fly out to over 10 clients in the last 12 months alone, to help them secure contracts with municipalities, HOA’s and solid waste companies. Our service doesn’t end when the vehicle leaves our manufacturing facility. We are in it for the long-haul. Because highly-satisfied, successful customers bring more business and the cycle of growth and success continues for all of us.

Purchasing a power washing company 4 years ago was a strategic move and allowed us to expand our portfolio in ways that dramatically impacted the customers we serve. We cut out the middleman and have become a direct distributor with the top level power washing and accessories companies in the USA. First, this allowed us to reduce our cost and pass those savings to our clients in meaningful ways, allowing for prices that are $4,000-$5000 less than other manufactures. Secondly, purchasing a power washing store also allowed us to bring that 22 years of mechanical experience to our clients on a daily basis. Today, 8 out of the 10 calls we receive are able to be resolved over the phone within minutes, saving our clients valuable time and money.

There isn’t another manufacturer in the world that can provide you with the service, experience, value and turnkey solutions that Sparkling Bins can. When you choose to invest in a small business, the most important decision you can make is to choose a partner that will not only ensure that your investment will be profitable, but will also “be there” for the moments that aren’t perfect. One that has the experience, know-how and manpower to get you back on track when you need them most. Our pledge, at Sparkling Bins, is to be there from the moment you choose your equipment and to never stop being there for as long as you are in business. And in this day and age, you won’t find a more powerful promise than that.

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