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The trash bin and dumpster cleaning industry is forging ahead full throttle!  Before investing in this great emerging business, at Sparkling Bins, we highly recommend our potential clients conduct a thorough due diligence to educate themselves.   As part of this process, we recommend that our entrepreneurs reach out to companies who are already operating their businesses in the industry.  We encourage our clients to speak to companies that have bought from Sparkling Bins, as well as, from other manufactures.  We have no fear of what they will uncover when they ask about how their overall experience was from the point of sale to the delivery of their bin washer.

The first thing a potential client should do when comparing quotes from multiple manufactures is to make sure they are comparing apples-to-apples.  To illustrate this, let’s focus on our 2-1 Dumpster and trash bin cleaning truck that Sparkling Bins offers, which is roughly $20,000 more than other manufactures.

Here are the elements that cause our system to stand out – and far above – the others!  Our system offers:

  1. Class 5 chassis (2-ton) Hino 195 vs class 4 chassis (1-ton) Isuzu NPR HD
  2. Aluminum flatbed vs. steel
  3. Combined 72HP engines vs. 24HP
  4. 24GPM vs 7.5GPM
  5. 3 motorized spinning heads adjustable to 3 positions vs. 2 spinning heads with manual lever
  6. 3 spinning heads running at the same time (24GPM) vs. 1 Spinning head (7.5GPM)
  7. 525 freshwater tank vs. 325
  8. 30 dumpster cleanings per day vs. 15
  9. 200 residential cleanings per day vs. 100
  10. Universal grabber that can pick up Ansi type B,C,D & G vs. adapter that can only pick up Ansi type B carts
  11. Universal grabber that can pick up 35-96 gal bins vs. adapter that can pick up 96 gal carts
  12. Hydraulic pump (PTO) vs. 12 volt pump
  13. Routing software custom designed for this industry vs. off the shelve software

While an investor’s upfront cost may be $20,000 more, educated entrepreneurs soon discover that they  can recoup that in a matter of weeks.   Sparkling Bins’ dumpster and residential cleaning trucks can clean 15 more dumpsters each and every day than ANY other system out there!  To put this in terms of dollars and cents, let’s say you’re going to charge $100.00 per dumpster for service.  This means that a Sparkling Bins’ client earns $1,500 more in revenue every day.  In less than three weeks, our clients can cover the difference in the investment of our equipment versus others.

This is why we tell our customers to do their due diligence.  We want them to learn from the experience of those who have gone before them and this is the reason why we do not fear what they will learn when they talk to our clients or other manufacturers.  We are THAT confident, not only in our systems, but in the way in which we support new business owners in making the right choices to suit their business goals.  In the case of the system we’ve explored in this article, our clients soon learn that buying the cheaper model costs their business hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.  We are not here to sell a system and move onto the next client.  We want each and every client to understand how to make the most of their investment so that they can maximize their earnings now and in the future.  At Sparkling Bins, we help our clients invest wisely so that their business can thrive from the moment they begin and for the life of their business to come!

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