Get More from Your Equipment with Sparkling Bins Next-Generation PTO Trash Bin Cleaning System

04 Jan, 2020

Get More from Your Equipment with Sparkling Bins Next-Generation PTO Trash Bin Cleaning System

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As the leader in the industry, the Sparkling Bins Research & Development team is tireless in their efforts to identify ways build the best and most cost-effective cleaning systems in the bin washing industry. We also own the largest trash bin and dumpster cleaning service in the US which means that we not only manufacture bin cleaning equipment, but we also actively service more clients than anyone else. Because of this two-pronged approach to our business, we utilize the insight we gain from our own clients to help inform what we need to do to create or enhance the equipment we manufacture. We are constantly looking at ways to enhance our equipment to help us service more customers in less time, allowing for the highest profitability possible. With every new enhancement, we conduct vigorous tests on our own trash bin and dumpster cleaning trucks before rolling those enhancements out to new entrepreneurs. Before we go-live, the results of those tests must meet the highest standards of the Sparkling Bins Quality Assurance team. And we’ve hit the mark again!

Our latest innovation is our next generation residential dual bin trash can cleaning system. This model is our SB4 – PTO truck mounted bin washing system. With two pending patents, this truck is absolutely one-of-a-kind. This next generation trash bin cleaning truck is powered by hydraulic pumps from the trucks transmission – known as power take off or PTO. Although the PTO system has been around for decades, Sparkling Bins is the very first to offer this type of set-up for trash and dumpster cleaning trucks.

Traditional dual-bin models are able to pick up two bins at the same time, however, they only have the ability to clean one trash bin at a time. Our next generation trucks have been simplified and enhanced. Our models are the only systems in the industry that can actually pick up two trash cans at the same time AND clean both bins at the same time, using 8GPM, at a temperature of 230°.

Moving to this new model, bin cleaning entrepreneurs will realize $15-$17,000 in annual savings! Can you imagine never having to put gasoline into your pressure washing system, never having to do a tuneup, and never having to maintain your generator? These are just a few of the ways in which owning one of these enhanced trucks will create efficiency and cost savings in your trash or recycle bin cleaning business!

Owners of this bin cleaning system will find that they are able to increase their productivity as much as 35%. Based on our testing and implementation in the field with our own clients, routes that normally took us 8 hours to service are now able to be completed in just 5 hours! Rarely does any business owner find an opportunity to create that significant an increase in productivity in their business. As a result of Sparkling Bins research and development which led to the creation of this next generation SB4 – PTO, our entrepreneurs will be able to add more capacity to their routes which will net their business some very serious financial returns!

At Sparkling Bins, we remain steadfast in our goal to provide the most effective and efficient trash and dumpster cleaning systems in the bin cleaning industry and our new next generation truck will not disappoint! Check out the links to see latest Sparkling Bins SB4 – PTO next generation trash bin washing truck in action!

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