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When considering a bin cleaning system, it’s important to have an understanding of the basics concerning all bin cleaning equipment. Every trash can and dumpster cleaning system, regardless of the manufacturer, is comprised of five distinct parts: Bin Lifter, Hooper/Grey Water Tank, Fresh Water Tank(s), Power Washer and Cleaning Heads.

At Sparkling Bins, we make an effort to educate our small business owners and entrepreneurs to ensure they make the best decision for their business. Here are some of the components and options to consider in bin cleaning systems today:

Bin Lifter:
There are two types of bin lifters. We highly recommend the first style known as a universal grabber. It is capable of picking up all types of trash and recycle carts (ANSI type A, B & D) and therefore is less limiting. The other bin lifter option is your older-style tipper which limits you to picking up only ANSI type A trash bins. There are many cities and counties throughout the country that have different style trash cans. With the tipper-style lifter, you will find yourself having to walk away from financial opportunities that you could have otherwise gained. It’s important to know that Sparkling Bins and its engineers were instrumental in designing the universal grabber seven years ago. It has now become the standard in the bin cleaning industry for cart washing.

Hooper/Grey Water Tank:
The next element of a bin cleaning system is the hooper/grey water tank. At Sparkling Bins, we offer our valuable clients seven different models of tanks to choose from. Each model has a different size capacity grey water tank. Grey water holding tank capacity options can range from 250 gallons and can go as high as 625 gallons for larger systems. We will help you choose the right model based on your budget and plans for the future growth of your bin cleaning business. For example, if you’re looking to grow your client base to include HOA communities, it’s important to know that a small 250 gallon holding tank would likely not be the best choice. Selecting a larger capacity system, will allow you to clean up to as many as 300 maintenance bins without having to dump your grey water. These are all decisions we, at Sparkling Bins, are prepared to help you determine as we right-size your system.

Water Tanks:
With over nine years of experience in cleaning trash cans and commercial dumpsters, Sparkling Bins is uniquely qualified to recommend the most efficient bin cleaning system for your business. Each element of the system has an impact on your future as a bin cleaning business owner. Decisions on water tanks can include freshwater tanks versus filtration systems as well as the size of the tank, itself. Some manufactures recommend using a water filtration system. While this may sound like a positive, our research and testing has found that after recycling the water, there is still a high degree of bacteria and odor left behind. Additionally, filtration systems recycle grey water and it is important to know that even after filtration, that water still contains small food particles. These food particles will clog up the system’s nozzles and eventually cause back-pressure that may damage the system’s pump causing the need for costly repair or replacement. Sparkling Bins’ recommends freshwater tanks to clients. Our tanks start at 250 gallons and range as high as 625 gallons. If your bin cleaning business is going to be a part-time enterprise for you, then the smallest tank may be your right option. Once again, our organization is there to help you decide the right choice based on your budget and plans for growth.

Pressure Washer:
There are many different types of pressure washing systems to choose from. In the trash can cleaning industry, most water pumps start at 4GPM and will go as high as 8GPM and the pressure (PSI) varies between 3000 to 4000. There is a misconception that it is the pressure that cleans garbage cans faster. In actuality, the most important factor in cleaning garbage cans more efficiently is the water volume. We recommend reducing the pressure for your cleaning heads to 1,400 PSI and setting the water flow at 8 GPM. It is at this combined level of pressure and flow that you will achieve the most desirable outcome.

Cleaning Heads/Spray Bars:
There are two methods of cleaning your garbage cans. The spray bars with the two nozzles is the most economical, however, the cleaning cycle will take you roughly 20 minutes on a first-time cleaning versus 45-60 seconds when using the 360 spinning heads. At Sparkling bins, we highly recommend using the 360 spinning heads as they are designed specifically for the cart washing industry and will give you the results you are looking for.

Choosing the Right Manufacturer:

While you are researching manufacturers to purchase a bin cleaning system from, keep in mind that Sparkling Bins is the only manufacturer of bin cleaning systems that ALSO owns a thriving trash bin cleaning AND commercial dumpster cleaning company that has been servicing the south Florida area for over 9 years. We have both the knowledge and experience to build the most effective and efficient trash bin and dumpster cleaning systems on the market today. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of trash can and dumpster cleaning systems and have helped start-up over 230 companies in 47 different states. We can start the process of helping you find the right bin cleaning system to start or grow your business today!

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