Choosing the right chassis for your bin cleaning and dumpster cleaning business.

09 Mar, 2019

Choosing the right chassis for your bin cleaning and dumpster cleaning business.

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This business is all about efficiency and capacity and the cab over or low cab forward truck (LCF) increase both over a traditional truck.  Since you can typically get a cab over truck for close to the same, if not the same price as a traditional truck, we recommend the cab over style truck. The LCF chassis allows for a larger truck with even greater capacity to outperform and out maneuver a smaller chassis truck.

Turning radius and overall length are the main reasons to go with an LCF. The engine sits below the cab of the truck meaning there really isn’t a nose on the front of the truck. This allows you to effortlessly pull right up on objects, buildings or whatever is in front of the truck. This is the best option for driving in tightknit communities.  The driver also sits higher in the cab and has very large window, creating superior visibility over traditional truck cabs. With that said, a standard truck Ford F350 (GVWR 14,000), Chevy 3500 (GVWR 13,200), Dodge 3500 (14,000) are still options. However, the LCF Isuzu NPR HD is our main choice.  Not only is the turning radius superior, the GVWR is 14,500 and you are able to accommodate a 14ft Bed with a 525-gallon fresh water tank as with the non LCF trucks class 4 vehicle they can only handle a 12 ft bed.  The largest fresh water tank that can be mounted is 335 gallons. This gives you much less capacity in terms of the number of trash bins you can clean in one day. You do not need a CDL driver’s license to drive this bin cleaning system truck since it is under 26,001 (GVWR).

The low cab forward trucks have extremely tight turning radiuses, allowing for far superior maneuverability over traditional trucks. This is why they are favorites among most companies that operate trash can cleaning or dumpster cleaning trucks in urban environments.

These trucks are great for this application and others. Don’t just take our word for it, Here is an article from the construction industry providing the same insight.

For more information about starting a bin cleaning business, give us a call directly or send us an email and we can call you: Check out our “Bin Cleaners” page on the website as well.

We provide much more than equipment, we also provide support with marketing, sales, logistics, software and more with the purchase of our bin cleaning systems.

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