Be Your Own Boss!

31 Mar, 2020

Be Your Own Boss!

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Have you ever dreamed about being your own boss?  Having worked as a senior leader in corporate America for 25 years, I had a decision to make after the economic downfall in this country.   I knew I wanted a different kind of experience.  I still wanted an opportunity to create a lucrative outcome for myself and my family, but I no longer wanted to work the endless hours I was working with little control over the direction of my career.  I had missed too many of my children’s sporting events and worked through so many important holidays, and it wasn’t the way I wanted the rest of my career to continue to go.  Like many people out there, I wanted to find a way to own my own business that would allow me to be my own boss and would put me 100% in charge of my financial future.


The idea came to me one Fourth of July while washing out our home’s trash bins before a party we were hosting. Being July in Florida, you can imagine the bacteria-ridden conditions and the creatures that I found inside a steaming and stench-ridden garbage can. I spent more than an hour of my time on each trash bin and used over 50 gallons of water.  As I was covered in the mess from the yard hose attempting to deal with this filth, it suddenly occurred to me that if I was not personally enjoying the battle with the trash bin, likely others were not enjoying this evil-but-necessary activity either!  And there I had it!  So, I went to work to do the research to see if this could possibly be the business opportunity I thought it could become.


During my research, I discovered that the concept of bin and dumpster cleaning had originated in the UK over 30 years before. I took a chance and bought a truck, found a local welder and 45 days later, we had our first truck on the road cleaning and sanitizing trash and recycle bins across south Florida.


Today, Sparkling Bins owns the largest trash and dumpster cleaning company in North America and we have added 2 additional complementary businesses, allowing us to offer the most efficient bin wash systems in the industry.


Over the years, we’ve grown and evolved and while we still own and operate a bin cleaning business of our own, my passion in this business has evolved into the creation of a company that puts entrepreneurs – regular people just like me and you – in the bin washing business for themselves.  This means Sparkling Bins has helped hundreds of people who had a dream of owning their own company make that a reality in this fast-growing industry.  At Sparkling Bins, we have done the research, built the most state-of-the-art machinery and created the business systems that allow new business owners to truly invest in a business that is turnkey.  We help people, just like you, create lucrative businesses that allow them to take charge of their professional futures.  From the moment we receive your first call to us, we support you from identifying your business goals, to selecting and financing your equipment, building out your bin washing system, teaching you how to grow and scale your business, educate you in finding customers and practice to learn how to execute your routes.  We are there for the lifespan of your company – supporting you in everything from maintaining your equipment to growing your future opportunities.  Many of our clients started small and have returned time and again to add additional bin washing units because the opportunities for growth in this industry are that tremendous.  Now is the time!


So, if your tired of working for someone else; tired of the lack of flexibility and want to be in complete control of your destiny, consider getting into the business of cleaning trash cans, compost containers, recycle bins and dumpsters by partnering with Sparkling Bins.  This is one of the fastest growing small businesses in the USA and Sparkling Bins is the premier partner to help you take advantage of the opportunity, TODAY!

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