Trash Can Cleaning System – Trailer Dual Grabber (SB2)

05 Aug, 2019

Trash Can Cleaning System – Trailer Dual Grabber (SB2)

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Are you thinking of getting into the garbage can cleaning business?  This is one of the fastest growing businesses in the US.  The concept of wheelie bin cleaning started in the UK over 35 years ago.  It is relatively new in the US, with over 250 companies providing dumpster and trash bin cleaning services. Sparkling Bins has helped start over 75% of the companies providing services of dumpster cleaning, trash bin cleaning and compost container cleaning.  We are the world’s largest manufacturer of dumpster, trash and compost cleaning devices. This is our SB2 model, with the capability of cleaning 200 maintenance trash bins on one clean water tank.  Our trash can cleaning trailers have aluminum planks to keep the weight of the trailer down. The trailer has electric brakes with tandem 5,000 pounds axles.  GVWR rated at 10,000 pounds.  Sparkling bins has 7 different trash and dumpster cleaning systems.  Please check out our website for more details.

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