Sparkling Bins offers 7 – different models. Our SB4 has been our most popular trash can cleaning system for the last 6 years.  Our truck mounted trash bin cleaner has 525 gallons of fresh water, capable of cleaning 200 maintenance garbage bins without having to refill.  Our dual grabber can pick up trash, recycle and compost bins from 30 up to 96 gallons.  Sparkling Bins has the most efficient trash bin and dumpster cleaning trucks in the industry.  Our turnkey package includes, logo creation, website and routing software, the first year of hosting fees are included, marketing package, which includes  PPT presentations geared towards, the HOA’s, Property Management Co’s, Waste Haulers and much more.  Sparkling Bins is the world’s largest manufacturer of cleaning systems for solid waste, recycling and compost containers. We have helped start over 200 trash bin and dumpster cleaning businesses in over 47 states.  For more information, please check out our Website, Youtube channel and FB.