At Sparkling Bins, we take pride in our focus on manufacturing environmentally safe trash and dumpster cleaning equipment. Not only is this the responsible way to conduct business, but the trash and recycling bin cleaning industry will continue to see increased requirements for ensuring environmentally-friendly disposal of waste, as the years continue to progress.

At Sparkling Bins, we have always been ahead of the curve in the industry. We manufacture recycling and trash bin cleaning units that are fully self-contained. This ensures, when cleaning your valuable clients waste bin, that no spillage will occur during the sanitation process, which prevents waste from entering storm drains. Additionally, before mounting the bins into the cleaning hopper, each bin is inspected to ensure all trash debris is removed from the bin and placed into a separate trash container. The debris is then bagged and placed in a trash container that is disposed of, properly, by a local trash hauler.

Once the bins are mounted in the cleaning hopper, the bins are washed and sanitized with eco-friendly biodegradable chemicals that are FDA and GRAS approved. Sparkling Bins equipment uses hot water at a temperature of 230° (water boils at 212°). This ensures that the water we use will always be hot enough to kill all bacteria that may be found inside of each trash bin we clean. We are the ONLY trash bin cleaning manufacturer that has the exclusivity to use heads that can reach temperature as high as steam! This sets our equipment apart from the competition and gives you a competitive edge when selling your services to consumers. More and more private consumers, government contracts and HOAs are concerning themselves with the responsible, environmentally safe way of conducting business and Sparkling Bins equipment meets and exceeds the standards required to ensure the safe disposal of cleaning waste for our clients!

The way our bin washing systems are designed contain other enhancements that further support the environmentally friendly way in which we design our machinery. Our bin washing systems have a holding tank for grey water- the relatively clean water that has been used during the washing process. The holding tank has a catch tray filtration screen that catches any debris that may have been missed during the inspection process. So, in essence, the water that goes into the holding tank is considered “grey or prefiltered water”. Most counties allow this “grey water” to be dumped at the city’s local wastewater treatment facility or other areas that have a sanitary drain such as truck stops, RV campgrounds or car washes. Most simply require that you ask permission. We highly recommend that you check with your city or county for proper disposal.

We take great pride in the eco-friendly design of Sparkling Bins trash can and dumpster cleaners. We continue to design our systems to ensure no contamination to the city’s water supply and aquifer system. Our research and development teams remain constant to ensure current and future designs stay ahead of the industry requirements for environmentally safe cleaning and disposal.

We understand the value, to homeowners and municipalities, of designing equipment in this eco-safe way. Sparkling Bins’ designs will help you grow your business, allowing you to confidently represent the value that these self-contained, environmentally safe systems have to offer – setting your bin cleaning business apart from the competition!