There are so many reasons to consider composting as a part of the way we operate in a society where becoming environmentally conscious is not only “in,” but is truly becoming a necessity in order to preserve our environment and earth’s precious resources.

One of the reasons that prevents people from considering composting has to do with the clean-up effort required for managing the bins and containers used during the composting process.  Sparkling Bins is the solution to the only reason that holds people back from the many benefits of composting.  Let’s explore those benefits!

Composting is a great way to reduce your food waste as well as your personal contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.  In addition, using compost can reduce the need for water, fertilizers, and pesticides.  Reducing water consumption preserves our water supply while reducing the need for fertilizers and pesticides protects the planet and decreases the amount of toxic chemicals that you are exposed to in your daily life.  Composting serves as a marketable commodity and is a low-cost alternative to standard landfill cover and artificial soil amendments.

Let’s break it down to the top five  powerful benefits to composting:

1) Composting reduces your landfill contribution! Can any of us turn away from a simple opportunity to make a big impact?

2) Composting diverts food and yard waste from the landfill and, instead, uses that waste to make nutrient rich soil. You are actually creating a positive environmental outcome from a previously negative practice!

3) Composting creates rich soil. Richer soil means a healthier planet AND more rich, nutritious crops grown in that soil.

4) Composting suppresses plant diseases and pests. Who doesn’t love an opportunity to reduce disease, bugs and rodents?

5) Composting saves water. Conserving and protecting earth’s water supply is all of our responsibility!

Many counties are beginning to mandate that residences and food establishments start composting.  While some of these counties are ahead of the curve, you can expect that within the next 5 years, composting will be mandatory across the country.  This means that homeowners and food establishments throw out food scraps, raw meat, seafood and many other leftovers into a compost bin or dumpster.  The harsh reality is that as a result, there is a serious amount of bacteria remaining, not to mention, foul odor.  Both present a major health risk for anyone who touches or finds themselves around these compost bins.  That is where Sparkling Bins steps in to help.

Sparkling Bins manufactures bin washing systems to accommodate the cleaning and sanitizing of these bacteria ridden bins and containers.  We provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to meet the growing need that composting will continue to create for this service.  Truly, the only downside to composting is dealing with the filthy bins or dumpsters.  Because of the service that entrepreneurs like you will be able to provide, companies that we’ve put into business are ahead of the curve in what has already become a booming business opportunity.  Reach out to Sparkling Bins today to learn more about taking advantage of this growing need that creates a win for our environment while simultaneously creating a win for smart business owners in this emerging bin washing industry!